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Ask yourself these questions before choosing a business name

Starting your business can take a lot of effort before you can even think about getting actual operations underway. You will need to make many decisions concerning your company, and some of those decisions may not seem as fun as others are.

However, one part of the process that you may have been looking forward to is finding the right name for your company. Brainstorming ideas for company names may have even taken place before you fully decided to move forward with starting your business. Of course, if you already have a name in mind, you may still want to consider various aspects of choosing a business name before you settle on one.

How does it sound and how is it spelled?

You are on the right track if you want a business name that will set your company apart from others who conduct similar business. However, you do not want something so unique that it sounds awkward when spoken aloud or if it is difficult to spell. Many companies, especially ones that operate online, will remove a letter from their name or utilize an untraditional spelling of a familiar word. While this may help with obtaining domain names, it may prove confusing for customers trying to find the right company.

Does it limit your business operations?

Choosing a name that can help customers quickly know what your business relates to can prove useful. However, you do not want to choose a name that places limitation on your company in the event that you want to expand. While referring to a specific product or service in your name may seem fine in the beginning because you only provide that one product or one service, it could limit your operations in the future if you want to start providing a new, additional product or service.

Is someone else using the name?

If you do have a name in mind, it makes sense to search for that name online. While you may think you have come up with something unique, you may quickly find out that another business (or possibly even multiple businesses) already uses the name. This discovery may not mean that you have to choose a different name, but it may prove wise to do so to prevent confusion. In addition, if another company has trademarked that name, you could end up in legal trouble for using it.

In fact, you will need to take a number of legal steps when choosing a business name, such as obtaining a trademark yourself, and ensuring that you do not infringe on another company's intellectual property.

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