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Uncontested divorce an option for Nevada couples

The decision to move forward with divorce is not an easy one to make, and it can be an emotionally challenging process even when both parties are amicable. For many Nevada couples, it is possible to divorce without the need for litigation, and this could be an option for you as well. An uncontested divorce is often easier than other options, and you would be prudent to explore this specific option.

Uncontested divorce is a divorce between two parties that have no remaining disputes between them. If you and your spouse are in agreement regarding all major decisions related to the end of your marriage, you can move forward with filing for an uncontested divorce. 

Why choose this option?

There are many reasons why an uncontested divorce is the most optimal choice for a couple. First of all, it eliminates the need for litigation because the couple is already in agreement on issues such as child custody, property division and more before filing. Other benefits include: 

  • An uncontested divorce is simpler and easier than a traditional litigated divorce, resulting in less stress and difficulty as you walk through the process.
  • Because there is no need for litigation and all parties are already in agreement, an uncontested divorce costs less than other types of divorces.
  • When you come up with reasonable and fair agreements on all divorce issues on your own, it often leads to a final order that is sustainable for all parties for years to come.

Even when walking through a rather easy and simple divorce, it is still beneficial to have legal representation. Uncontested divorce is still a divorce, and you would be wise to ensure the full protection of your rights and interests in a fair and workable agreement.

Making smart choices for your future

Divorce is not an easy choice, but you can take steps to preserve your interests and secure a final order that allows you peace and prosperity long after the divorce is final. This includes property division agreements and child custody arrangements.

If you are considering legal action regarding the end of your marriage or you think an uncontested divorce is the right choice for you, it is prudent to seek guidance before you make any major decisions regarding your divorce. Simply seeking an explanation of your legal rights can help you better understand how to move forward and which option is most beneficial for your post-divorce interests.

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