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June 2014 Archives

Digital estate planning isn't only for tech savvy youth

The estate planning process may lead a person to think hard about where all of his or her assets may really be and what may be important. While obvious assets such as houses, cars and bank accounts may be a part of the estate planning process for Nevada residents, other assets may be harder to coordinate. Digital assets go beyond needing a password to access bank account information, as any Nevada resident who uses technology to shop, stay in touch, or pay bills needs to plan for the fate of those digital assets.

Estate planning may be different for each Nevada resident

Many Nevada residents may be lucky enough to never experience an incapacitating illness or injury. However, as a person ages, the likelihood of such an experience could increase. Therefore, many residents may wish to be prepared and draw up important documents relating to estate planning that could help those left behind make important end-of-life decisions.

Nevada residents may want to consider trusts

Whenever someone sets out to begin the estate planning process, there may be more options on the table than they realize. Leaving assets behind for family members can be a complicated process in and of itself. One option that can give someone flexibility in how they leave funds behind is the option of creating trusts. Anyone in Nevada looking to update or start estate planning may be surprised by the versatility of creating trusts.

Estate planning tips for Nevada residents of all ages and stages

No one likes to think about death or family disputes. Many younger people may not even think estate planning applies to them in any way because of their health and age. There are also quite a few older Nevada residents who keep putting off estate planning or try to do it themselves.

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