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May 2014 Archives

Keep beneficiaries in mind when estate planning

The estate planning process is something everyone of every age should think about. Preparing for estate planning when young or when there are assets and minor children to think about is an ideal suggestion for Nevada residents. However, as people grow older and life circumstances change, there may be a very real reason to revisit previous estate planning decisions.

Don't forget digital assets when estate planning in Nevada

Technology isn't just for kids anymore. In fact, the general population relies on technology more and more as each year passes and cyberspace becomes just as valuable as actual space. This dependence on the internet has created a wealth of digital assets in addition to physical assets like houses, cars and jewelry. In Nevada and elsewhere, the fate of digital assets is being outlined as part of the estate planning process.

Preparing a trust goes beyond trust administration

Whenever someone has specific ideas or plans for a certain amount of money after their passing, they may have a number of options. One viable option that ensures funds are given precisely to the intended beneficiary is the creation of a trust. However, creating a Nevada trust and planning for trust administration may not be a one-time event.

Estate planning protects hard earned assets and funds

Many people focus intently on saving for retirement and minimizing debt before they reach retirement age. However, while many may worry about funds to get them through retirement years, they may neglect to take care of the proper estate planning documents to protect what they have worked for. Nevada retirees may want to be sure they have proper estate planning documents squared away.

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