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April 2014 Archives

Estate planning can involve the fate of pets

Many people have a clear idea of who they wish to pass on a house, family business or other substantial assets to. One area of estate planning many Nevada families may not consider, but should consider, pertains to the fate of pets. Anyone who has pets they consider part of the family should investigate options for ensuring those pets are cared for as part of the estate planning process.

Estate planning documents Nevada families should discuss

When people think about protecting their assets or estate planning in general, they may simply think about a will. They may also not discuss the details of their estate planning with their loved ones or trusted confidants. However, it is important that Nevada residents not only plan for the future of their loved ones and estate, but also that they share the details with those who will be impacted the most.

Mickey Rooney's estate planning may be lesson to others

Estate planning can be a complicated and labor-intensive process for some. For others, their wishes and necessary documents may be straightforward and lead to little confusion. When there are many children, assets or questions over last wishes, the estate planning process can lead to litigation and family contention. The recent passing of legendary actor Mickey Rooney and the ensuing legal questions and battles may provide a useful lesson for Nevada residents who are in the midst of estate planning.

Estate planning entails more than just a will

Many people think of drafting a will when they think of estate planning. They may also think about a certain age group. However, estate planning entails more than just a will, and Nevada residents should think about starting the process as soon as possible, regardless of their age.

Estate planning mishaps to avoid for Nevada families

One way to determine how best to pursue handling estate planning is to know about the potential pitfalls of getting it wrong. Estate planning can be a particularly complicated and yet extremely necessary legal process. Anyone in Nevada who has not taken steps to begin the estate planning process may want to be aware of some of the potential mishaps that can occur if it is put off too long or handled incorrectly.

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