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March 2014 Archives

It's better to do estate planning now rather than later

It is never easy to imagine what will happen to property and assets after a person is gone, but estate planning is a vital step for many Nevada residents. Some people who delay this process could find that it may be too late because of a sudden accident or debilitating illness. Estate planning can be complicated, but with the right information and assistance, it is beneficial to family.

The complication of trust administration and avoiding problems

Trust administration can be a complicated process for both the administrator and the family left behind. Those who wish to leave a trust, estate or inheritance for children and grandchildren likely have concerns regarding how to ensure their wishes are carried out properly. Nevada residents know that leaving very clear instructions for trust administration is one way to control this process.

Leaving an inheritance for children requires careful planning

Many Nevada residents want to leave an inheritance for their children. However, leaving a large sum of money for children or for personal care later in life requires careful planning and legally binding documents. The most common ways to do this are through wills and trusts, but these must be carefully drafted and legally binding.

Is an inheritance for the children part of your estate planning?

Estate planning is complicated, and it may be hard to determine how to properly divide an estate. While not every Nevada family can afford to leave an inheritance for their children, this is an important priority for many families. It is estimated that only approximately 60 percent of people plan on leaving an inheritance as part of their estate planning.

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