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December 2013 Archives

Nevada estate planning can benefit from a review at the start

For many people in Nevada, estate planning means the use of tools such as a will or trust, powers of attorney and long-term care planning. By using these in estate planning, individuals in our state can ensure that their wishes are followed when they die or become incapacitated. This is part of why some decide to begin the process, even though it can be difficult to consider one's own demise.

Estate planning in Nevada includes beneficiary review

In Nevada, people sometimes make designations of beneficiaries on many different accounts. In fact, the number of places that such a designation is required in estate planning tools may be surprising to our readers. Retirement accounts, insurance plans, 529 college savings funds, bank accounts and mutual funds are just a few of the places that a designated beneficiary is named.

Long-term care a part of estate planning in Nevada

There are many costs that people in Nevada face as they age. Among the most expensive is what is needed to pay for medical care near the end of life. In fact, long-term care can cause stress to some families who must pay for the needs of their loved ones. This is one of the reasons that such needs are being added to many of the documents created by those working in estate planning.

Martin Luther King's children act as executors of his estate

Many in Nevada recall the heroic actions of Dr. Martin Luther King and his compatriots during the 1960s. Those involved in the civil rights movement fought to gain equal rights for all people. Their efforts made Dr. King a legend. It is that image that is at the center of a lawsuit between his estate, with his children as executors, and one of his former aides.

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