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In Nevada, an estate plan is a good idea for many reasons

An interesting case from another state may make people in Nevada consider the need for estate planning. The case involves a man who suffered a severe brain injury while in surgery that left him in what is described as a vegetative state. Now, a court case has ensued that could have a potential out come on his estate and its assets.

In the case, which is being held in the man's home state, his fianc argues that she should be allowed to marry him despite his inability to agree to the marriage. The couple has apparently been together for more than 30 years and has raised several children. The fianc is the current guardian of the man.

However, the couple did not marry before the surgery that changed the man's medical condition. The court must decide of the marriage, if granted, would allow the now-wife to inherit or if the status of any of the assets of the man would change. Each of these decisions could affect the ability of the man to pay for his medical care in the coming years.

The case is a unique one. However, as is the case for such matters in Nevada, the man could have made his intentions clear prior to his unfortunate surgery. By sing estate planning tools such as a power of attorney or medical directive, people can ensure that they are able to direct how their assets are to be handled when they are unable to control them themselves. This information would likely have been valuable to the court in this case and could be an important reason for people in Nevada to begin estate planning.

Source:, Machesney Park woman fights to marry 'vegetative' fiance, Kevin Haas, Sept. 28, 2013

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