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October 2013 Archives

Tennessee estate planning good for all income levels

Nevada is known for high stakes gambling and adventure. This type of lifestyle has drawn many to our state over the decades. Some become wealthy as a result of the risks that they take. Those individuals, along with their less adventurous counterparts, are among those who should consider estate planning, a recent article notes.

Estate planning in Nevada: long-term care planning issues

In Nevada, people begin to estate plan for reasons that include the need to care for themselves and their heirs when they die. What they may not consider is that there are estate planning tools that can be customized for use while an individual is still alive. These include powers of attorney, healthcare directives and trusts designed to pay for long-term care costs.

Nevada estate planning includes trusts and wills

Ensuring that an estate plan is complete is an important step for people in Nevada. A review of all of the estate planning documents that are in place will help to ease any concern that there are assets that have not been covered or that there are beneficiaries designated who should be changed. This step, one recent report asserts, should be taken periodically.

In Nevada, an estate plan is a good idea for many reasons

An interesting case from another state may make people in Nevada consider the need for estate planning. The case involves a man who suffered a severe brain injury while in surgery that left him in what is described as a vegetative state. Now, a court case has ensued that could have a potential out come on his estate and its assets.

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