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August 2013 Archives

Nevada estate planning important despite new tax rules

Some people in Nevada believe that since the change in the estate tax exemption occurred earlier this year, they have no reason to begin to plan for the distribution of their assets when they die. This, one recent report says, is not the case. In fact, limiting the amount of tax owed is just one of the reasons that estate planning should occur.

Nevada estate planning can reduce the chance of future litigation

Blended families are becoming more and more common, as many readers in Nevada know well. What they may not be aware of is that this has led to an increase in the number of contests of estate planning documents in probate courts across the land. However, there are ways to protect against such actions, says one recent report.

Nevada estate plan can include avoidance of probate

One of the goals of people who enter into the estate planning process is to avoid probate. Often this is the case due t the fact that probate can extend the time that it takes for heirs and beneficiaries to receive assets left to them in an estate plan. However, for some people, a recent report notes, probate may be the best choice.

Nevada estate planning can include interesting will clauses

Readers in Nevada are used to hearing about interesting cases from celebrities and other unique individuals. In our state it is common to hear about Elvis-themed weddings and extreme funerals. Now, one report indicates that many people also leave unique clauses in their estate planning documents.

Nevada considers Soprano star's estate planning

Estate planning in Nevada means that people have sought to create a plan that helps their heirs and beneficiaries distribute assets in a way that both complies with the wishes of the deceased individual and protects from issues such as taxes. This is the goal of many individuals, including celebrities. However, when estate planning is incomplete, or has not been reviewed in many years, such goals can fail to be achieved.

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