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July 2012 Archives

Updating estate plan can save families from feuds

It's an unfortunate reality that heirs and beneficiaries can sometimes become locked in unfortunate disputes over estates once a loved one passes away. Nevada residents who are considering whether or not estate planning is necessary may want to pay attention to the case of a family now locked in one such inheritance feud. A father is at odds with his two daughters over their late mother's half of the couple's estimated $100-million estate.

Nevada estate plans include tools for long life spans

For many in Nevada and elsewhere, there has been a change of perspective on the amount of inheritance that they may be able to leave their heirs at the time of their death. This may be due, in part, to changing economic times and the longer lifespan that many can expect. The shift has also changed estate planning for many, as they consider how much money they will need to support themselves into their 80s and beyond.

Girlfriend, wife fight over artist Thomas Kinkade's estate

When a wealthy person dies in Nevada, sometimes a court battle is waged over the estate. The ligation most often happens in the probate court and can cover many issues. This was the case recently after the death of famous artist Thomas Kinkade.

Estate planning considerations for farmers and family business owners

Agriculture in Nevada is a large industry that is comprised of family farms and ranches across the state. Readers who are both farmers and interested in planning an estate may be interested to learn about recent changes to the inheritance tax in another state. This change is just one of many trends in estate planning that should be considered while planning for the future.

Prince William benefits from Diana's estate on his birthday

Readers in Nevada may be interested to learn about new developments in the estate of Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince William, her eldest son and heir to the throne of England, turned 30 on June 21 and became the beneficiary of his mother's estate. The princess created a trust as a part of her estate plan that split her estate evenly between her two sons. When first created, the trust was to issue the cash at the time the princes turned 25, but that was changed to 30 after the untimely death of Diana.

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