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June 2012 Archives

Baby boomer estate plans often leave children out

For many in the baby boomer generation, it is more important to pay for today's expenses than to plan for the inheritance of their children. In fact, it may surprise some in Nevada to learn that only 55 percent of boomers think that leaving money to offspring as a part of an estate plan is important. In addition, almost one-third of boomers would rather leave money to a charity than their children.

Estate plan may change as new economic realities set in

More people in Nevada and across the country are concerned about leaving large inheritances for their heirs when they die. This may be due to the recent economic recession which saw college graduates returning home due to the inability to find employment and adult children unable to support themselves. These new realities have changed what is important to those who are beginning the estate planning process.

Estate administration affected by estate tax values

Estate planning is often done with the intention of leaving money to heirs or turning over ownership of a family business so that it can continue to operate into the next generation. However, for some in Nevada and across the nation, estate administration faces difficult issues in the coming months. This is because the federal estate tax exemptions currently in place are set to change at the end of this year.

Heirs of billion-dollar estate fight in court over distribution

When large amounts of assets are set to be divided after the death of a person, some families turn to litigation. This has occurred as a result of the deaths of the founder of the company that created Gore-Tex and his wife. Nevada readers may be interested to learn about the battle that has been waged over the estate and division of company shares.

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