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April 2012 Archives

Considering pets during estate planning

When people begin the estate planning process, they often seek to insure that all members of their family are covered in the event of the planner's death. This can include adding family members to a will or trust or making other estate planning provisions. Family members and beneficiaries can come in many forms, and can even include those of the four-legged variety.

Planning a Nevada estate: Can spending by heirs be controlled?

When a person in Nevada plans an estate, they often consider what they want the person to do with the inheritance they are receiving. In some circumstances, an estate may leave large sums of money to beneficiaries who were not necessarily expecting it. This can be both a stress and a joy for a person inheriting the money, as they work to determine how to make the most of their opportunity.

Nevada estate planning mistakes to avoid

Many Las Vegas residents know that it is typically important to create an estate plan for the benefit of children and other heirs. Plans vary, as there are no two estates that are identical, though in many circumstances those engaged in estate planning are motivated to ensure that they are taking care of their children or grandchildren. To that end, these folks may consider wills, trusts and other estate planning tools.

Why estate planning review is important

No matter how large or small an estate may be, estate planning is important for every Nevada resident. And while creating an estate plan is crucial, it is equally as important to keep that estate plan updated. As the years go by, thought processes change, relationships come and go, and so do the assets upon which the estate planning decisions were originally based.

Understanding trust administration

When considering estate planning, there are a number of options that Nevada residents may consider. Among these is the option of establishing a trust. Through a trust, one may be able to control how their money is spent even after they pass away. Understanding trust administration, though, is vital to creating a trust that could very well last for generations to come.

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