A Special Needs Trust For Your Special Loved Ones

If you have a loved one who has a physical or mental disability, you need to take special steps when planning your estate. Your loved one's government benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), may be affected if they receive money or assets from your estate. If you are the caretaker, parent or other relative of a person who receives government benefits, you should consider using a special needs trust to protect your loved one's future.

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What Are Special Needs Trust?

Like other trusts, a special needs trust is a fiduciary agreement that a trustee manages for the benefit of your chosen party, known as beneficiaries. A special needs trust, or supplemental needs trust, is structured to hold an unlimited number of assets to be disbursed to the special needs individual. This also protects the assets from potential creditors and many estate taxes. Even if your loved one is not currently receiving benefits, a special needs trust can protect them in the future.

Special needs trusts protect many types of government benefits, including:

  • SSI and Medicaid
  • Subsidized housing
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Our founding attorney, Christy Brad Escobar, will work with you to prepare a comprehensive estate plan for your loved ones. He knows how to resolve the unique monetary problems that people with mental and/or physical disabilities can face. He will create a personalized special needs trust that protects your loved ones.

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