Property Division And Asset Protection

Experienced Representation During The Property Division Phase Of Your Divorce

As part of your divorce, you and your spouse will have discussions about the division of your marital property. Nevada, as a community property state, requires that each spouse receive an equal share of the property that was accumulated during the marriage. While this seems straightforward, many couples struggle to find property division solutions.

At Escobar & Associates Law Firm, Ltd., we can help you protect what is yours. Our founding attorney, Christy Brad Escobar, has over three decades of experience with the divorce process in Nevada. You can trust us to serve as your guide and advocate throughout the entire process, helping you make important decisions that will allow you to have a more positive future once your divorce has been completed.

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

We know that you will have certain items, be they treasured heirlooms or other properties, that you will want to keep as part of the property division settlement. We work with you to determine the potential strategies available that may allow you to keep those items. We have helped with many different issues in the property division process, including:

· Helping couples decide what should be done with the marital home
· Dividing retirement and investment assets that were accumulated during the marriage
· Gaining an accurate evaluation of a business or business assets that are owned by the couple
· Determining the true income of parties who are self-employed
· Performing an accounting to learn the assets and debts that were accumulated during the marriage

Once we know the property that is at issue in your case, we can help you make the right choices for your future. If your ex-spouse is unwilling to come to an agreement on these matters, we will go to trial. Our courtroom experience allows us to show the court why your requests should be granted, whether you are requesting certain properties or looking to defeat claims to certain items.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Lawyer

As soon as you think that divorce might be something that is possible in your situation, you need to reach out to an experienced lawyer to make sure you are prepared and protected for the process. To learn how we can be of assistance to you in your divorce, please call our Las Vegas office at 888-339-6061 or complete our online contact form.