Establishing Parental Rights In Paternity Cases

Legal issues relating to paternity testing, termination of parental rights or child support orders can be difficult and emotionally trying. At Escobar & Associates Law Firm, Ltd., we represent fathers and mothers in complex paternity cases in Nevada.

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Dedicated Attorney Helping Moms, Dads And Children

Determining the paternity of a child today has become easier than in the past with the advent and improvement of DNA testing. However, the increased frequency of in vitro fertilization and the use of sperm donors have made it more complicated at the same time. These days, both moms and dads contact us with questions regarding paternity.

If you require assistance proving paternity, we can assist you in obtaining a DNA test, which will legally confirm the paternity of a child. This determination will then be acknowledged by the state of Nevada on the child's birth certificate or via a declaration of paternity.

The Father's Rights

A father has rights to child custody and visitation if he signs the birth certificate, if he declares himself as the legitimate father of the child or if a successful DNA test is carried out. In order for the court to order a father to pay child support, paternity must be established. Additionally, if a father does not wish to parent the child, termination of parental rights is possible.

At Escobar & Associates, our goal is to assist the judge in ensuring the child's needs are met. If you are seeking legal assistance regarding the paternity of a child, contact us online for reliable legal advice or call 888-339-6061 to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer.